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Hi All,

I just wanted to share my experience in the feint hope that it might help someone else out there. God know I have certainly taken enough from these forums, so it is about time I gave something back. To cut a long story short, I am 34 years old and have had acne since 15. At around 18-19 the pores on my face became very large and I started getting bumps and blackheads etc. My skin is very very very oily. Up until the age of 30 I cleansed with oatmeal soap/medicated soaps and used Neo-medrol cream at night which controlled the probelm but never really cured it. I discovered the forum and the regimen about 2 years ago and had terrific results from Dan's BP method. However it aged and damaged my skin quite alot and I got tired of looking red etc. For the last 6 months via the dermo I have using a retin-a cream at night followed by finacea during the day. I was using Dove exfoliiating soap morning and night. My skin has been awful during this time and I was about to give up. Then a breakthrough. For the past 3 weeks my skin has cleared up dramatically. The pimples have largely gone and my pores have shrunk considerably. My skin is also alot dryer and much less oily. Here is what I did.


Wash with Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

Take one Garlic and one Vitamin C (nonacidic) tablet

Drink lots of water and eat fruit an veges.


Wash with Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

Take a Cenovis Multivitamin, Garlic and Vitamin C Tablet

Every 3rd night I will use the Neutrogena Exfoliating Scrub wich contains Salycylic Acid.

I do not really know how but it has completely changed my skin, by basically leaving it alone.

I do have one questions though. I would like to try to repair my skin after years of sun damage and being on the regimen for a year. I have been looking at Paula's choice BHA 2% Gel and the AHA 8% Gel. Would anyone out there reccomend either one or both for my type of skin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I really hope that some or all of the info here can help someone out there.

Best wishes

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I believe it was the garlic supplement that suppress your acne. What is the brand that you are taking and at what dose, if you don't mind sharing.

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