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Using B.P. Without a cleanser? any consequences?

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Hi, so i looked at some of dans vids, he applied some B.P. on his chest. But for me i have acne on my back, i ran out of cleanser and im too poor to afford the shipping for another one :\. I was wondering what would happen if i cleaned my body with any random soap bar like DOVE for example. then afterwords apply BP onto my back without any AHA? would it still remove the acne on my back or make it worse? thanks

Quick random question:

(its for acne on back too) I heard about H&S (heads and shoulders) bacne treatment but dont know too much about it:\.

what type of H&S do i buy? and how do i use it? do i just put it on my back, rub the acne area gently, then wash it off? or use the H&S to wash my hair like what u do with shampoo? and while washing ur hair with H&S, i rinse my head and let the reminiscence of the H&S slither down my whole body and while its slithering down my bodys its cleaning at the same time?

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I wouldn't use soap because it is too drying on the skin.

However the Dove 'soap' is suppose to be like a body bar and has like 1/4 moisturiser and what have you so technically it isn't a soap...

I don't have any bacne though so I don't know for sure.

Hope this helped and good luck!

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