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Im getting so frustrated with everything involving my face. Normally im outgoing, happy, cheerful etc...lately that is slowly going away.

I want nothing more then a clear face for college. Lately my face has gone to hell because of the first month breakout on Accutane. I know it will get better so my spirits are a little high. Lately though everyday i wake up and feel depressed about everything. Maybe its the accutane, maybe its just me....who knows. Depression sucks.

It all adds up, after getting amazingly perfect skin something had to go wrong. After my first dose on accutane my skin was perfect, i couldnt ask for more! I was so happy during that time until i found out i had Seborrheic Dermatitis. That shit kept me from going to my senior prom when i had a beautiful date, awesome group of friends etc, i turned a fight into a big deal and said i didnt want to go which was secretly because of the redness.

Now im back on a second round of accutane because of a cream called desonide that was supposed to help with that. Also reading that seborrheic dermatitis never goes away just adds to the fact that i will be miserable for a long time. Why me? Im a pretty likeable dude, im invited lots of places, but i never really want to go anymore. I used to be that guy at every social event, now i go but i feel out of place. Even though i know nobody cares it still sucks for me.

I would do anything for this to go away, i want nothing more. When is enough, finally enough. Enjoying college is one thing I look forward too, i dont see how that will always be the case with all this.

I hate being depressed, i want to be happy. Atleast someone said i was cute in the picture thread :)


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I will genuinely emphasize the fact that you're very attractive. :-

You're fortunate enough to have that. no matter how bad your skin condition gets, you'll always have the cute factor working for you.

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