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What is the best kind of pillow case for preventing acne?

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Hi, I am relatively new here and I have noticed that my right cheek has chronically had pretty severe acne while my left side has had virtually none. I have been searching the boards and some people have mentioned high thread count pillows that are either cotton or silk are the best pillows for acne prevention. While some people do not believe that pillows can cause acne, I think that it does to differing extents for some people, including myself. I am looking to change my pillowcase to the best kind for preventing acne and will wash it every other day. Does anyone have any information about which pillow case would be the least irritating and least likely to cause acne?

Thanks in advance!

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I just change my pillow case everynight.

But what I do is just use old shirts as my new pillow cases instead of washing my only pillow case.

I've never put any thought into different cases causing less or more irritation/acne.

I'll be watching this thread, because you've got me curious as well.

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Buy a 3 pack (or more) of COTTON pillowcases and change them nightly.. the more you have the less laundry you will have to do. oh and when you wash them, make sure you DO NOT use a fabric softener of any kind, as it will leave an invisible greasy residue on the fabric which could irritate your skin further.

(towels rinsed with fabric softener are nice and soft and fluffly, but much less absorbent..it's due to the fabric softener residue)

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sorry i jsut think your overlookin acne if your worried about what kind of pillow to sleep on, i clean mine once a week, and i shower before i sleep so its not like im sleepin dirty

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