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ladiesss: accutane and birth control!

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so i'm going to be on accutane! :clap:

butttt as we all know, you need to be on birth control for a month before, during, and a month after.

i'm a 16 year-old female and um i'm not sexually active. :|

is there a way i can get out of waiting a whole effin month for the bc to kick in and just take accutane right away? (blood work done and everything is a go except for this little thing)

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Nope! That's iPledge for you. The month beforehand actually speeds by, so spend this month by researching products you want to use on Accutane, getting those products, eating better and drinking more water, working out, and starting supplements if you wish. Think of this month as your prep month to get all ready for Accutane. Like, if you don't already moisturize daily, start twice a day. I did that and my skin never flakes off like some do.

Good luck--Accutane is a life-changing experience. :)

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Not if you live in the US.

iPledge regulations are very strict for girls, and the government simply will not allow your dermatologist to give you Accutane until 30 days after your last blood test and a second negative pregnancy test, regardless of whether or not you're sexually active. As long as you're physically capable of becoming pregnant, you have to jump through these hoops.

If you don't live in the US, I'm not sure. Your country may have looser regulations.

I know it's hard to wait, but just hang on for one more month! :) In the meantime, get in the habit of drinking lots of water and keep your skin moisturized. You'll definitely need it once you start.

Good luck!

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noooooooooo! i live in the U.S. so that's just peachy. :wall:

well i've been researching EVERYTHINGGG for accutane for about 2 months now.

just visited my derm a couple of hours ago, and he said that i need to get on bc and if i'd like (since he said that i'm quite active, especially along my cheeks :doubt: ) he can prescribe some antibiotics while i'm waiting this month. ehh kinda iffie on it but i'm going back tomorrow so i guess i'll take them.

So here's my accutane survival kit:

-olive oil (as a moisturizer for day and night)

-avocado oil (if things get really bad for moisturizing)

-smith's rose minted lip blam

-lubricant for eyes (i wear contact lenses)

any suggestions? greatly appreciated :D

lol taking accutane during the school year is going to be a joy.

Ha!better yet, i'm just going to start a log.

gonna go do that.

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i would suggest that you use Fruit of the Loom aloe vera..it helps ALOT with the redness...and just remember to ALWAYS have lip balm with you..

yeah the whole bc thing sucks..i was supposed to start accutane back in january...but i kept getting sick so i quit taking it..so i restarted in may..and now im on accutane..

good luck..a month will fly by..

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Sounds like a good regimen, but you may want to have a stronger lip balm on hand in case your lips get really bad. Believe me, your normal chapstick won't cut it anymore. So far Aquaphor Healing Ointment has worked the best for me.

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I think it all depends on the doctor because I think I have read that others are doing this also. I am not on birth control and on my iPledge I put abstinence and none when answering the survey.

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alright i'm just wondering since I MUST go on birth control, in your experiences, which brand is the best and why

Hey Hopeinabottle23,

When I was prescribed Accutane I had to wait a whole 'nother month too, just the rules I suppose.

- I actually met a girl on here while I was on my course, and she said that her doctor allowed her to not have to wait, and she wasn't forced to take birth control at all during her course.. hmm :think: Oh well! I'm glad I went on birth control!

Anywho.. My derm put me on Yaz birth control for my course. I like Yaz ALOT! I even stayed on the Yaz when I stopped my course, so here I am 6 months of being off of Accutane, still taking birth control. What I like about Yaz is:

- No babies!

- Keeps skin oil under control

- Doesn't make me naeseous

So if you can, ask for Yaz :) I don't think you'll regret using it.

Good luck with your course!

I'm hoping to go on a second maybe.

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