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I've had acne for a about 4 years now. Looking back my acne has never been really bad (well, in comparison to what it is like now), but i have always thought it was. A few months ago i was prescribed Quinoderm 10%, and i probably used it WAY too much resulting in a horrible quality of skin. Since using just one tube my face has looked disgusting.

Blackheads cover my nose entirely and pour off onto the sides of it.

I have flaky skin on/around my nose, and my upper lip.

I have a lot of whiteheads around my nose.

Spots: varying from large to small.

Redness, probably from abusing the Quinoderm.


Here are some pictures:



Now, i feel i have ruined my skin, and don't know if it's going to get better.

I would like to know what you think i should do...

Should i follow the regime?

Or are there any other suggestions...





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You need to read the insert that came with your prescription. Some prescription medications (Retin-A for example) will make the skin dramatically worse before it starts to get better. You can sometimes also experience really dry skin and it can be quite painful.

When I was using Retin-A I experienced a similar problem. I had bad acne, used the medicine on all areas where I broke it out and my face looked even worse. I had more breakouts and my face was so red it almost looked like I had a bad sun burn. The derm warned me about this before hand and said most people stop using it before it can ever work because of the side effects. I stuck with it and it cleared my face completely, flawless. Only problem is I switched insurance, went to long without the medicine and it never worked the same again.

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