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Don't take these kinds of drugs if you want clear skin!

Ok first off ive had acne for over 4 yrs now and this shit is the gayest thing ever..... :boohoo:

but YOU HAVE TO BE POSITIVE! in your life there are going to be times when you have to choose to cross the bridge or burn it! AND I WANT YOU TO BURN THAT NEGATIVITY! CLOSE YOUR EYES THINK ABOUT HOW YOUR SKIN IS CLEAR AND ACNE FREE. MAKE IT A ROUTINE EVERYDAY TO DO THIS! Your brain is extremely powerful and you need to be able to utilize it in the correct form.

For the past month now my skin has been clearing a lot because i've used that technique and ive also found a cool regimen.

But before i found this regimen i had just moderate acne you know but still extremely self conscious about myself and it hurted me because i knew this girl liked me but once i started breaking out a little bit she started acting shady which made me feel like yea maybe a bitch like that aint for me! KNOW WHAT I MEAN! GRR but oh well.

well what i found made me breakout was drugs, i was taking a lot of morphine and methadone, percasets, vicatin, and etc you name it most of that prescription drug crap that i wont ever touch again! that shit made me break out so much i almost killed myself.

so there are 3 products i use


Barley Grass


do some research and these things and i hope you find your way! :dance:

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I agree with you. The mind and emotion are very important to treat acne. Depression and anxiety gave me horrible break out. Acne has totally destroyed my social life. For these three month, my face is cleared with only a few minor red mark.

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