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Not sure on whether to pick Lactic or Salicylic acid

Hello readers,

so I've been thinking to get myself a peel.

School is beginning in September 4 (but will have to go to school once in august) so I still have time.

I never had a peel before and I want to use one to reduce the red marks that are located on both sides of the cheek (under eyes, next to nose). However, I also have a couple of blackheads on the same spot, which are half inside, half outside of my skin. I also have many little blackheads on my nose, underneath my skin.

So, after reading a bit, it seems that Salicylic acid is my best bet as it could reduce the redness and extract the blackheads (according to puredemind.com). However, the reason why I'm also considering lactic is because they say that its good for first timers and apparently Salicylic's peeling is visible.

My questions are:

-How visible is Salicylic's peel? Will people see dead skin on my face? Can I still go out to school, restaurants, clubs or will the peeling be so visible that I could be too embarassed to go out?

-Is it ok to peel just a small part of the face or should I apply it on all of my face?

- So I'm a first timer, but have redness AND blackheads on the same part of my face. I also have lots of small blackheads on my nose underneath the skin; which would you suggest for me?


Forgot to mention that the level of redness is not that severe but they are covering a decent part of my face and thats what makes it visible.

I don't want Glycolic because I dont want to spend a month applying that toner thingy that I have to apply before peeling.

Thank you

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Guest missyjean130

Hi there! I buy chemical peels from skin laboratory and am currently using their 20% salicylic acid peel.

According to the description page on their webpage, salicylic acid is a safe acid as it neutralizes itself in 8-10 minutes. It also don't penetrate deep enough to damage underneath.

It has shown improvement in blackheads with just two uses,not anything dramatic,but least it's viable. Red marks will take a bit longer to show improvement.

With peels you work your way up to how much time the peel is going to come in contact with your skin. In the product directions it says to start off with 2 minutes of contact. So as a new person to peels,as long as you follow directions,you're safe.

I havn't used lactic yet...I plan on working my way up to stronger acid concentrations though.

I only use the peel once a week. I wear sunblock religiously.

So my recommendation is definitely salicylic and follow directions when using these types of peels

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Thanks for the reply Jean :)

I'm glad you suggested salicylic, less doubts!

I read even more about it and I'm getting excited! :) : "Salicylic acid peels can be used for minor skin discoloration" , "Salicylic peels are often less irritating, as they have anti-inflammatory".

What I'm looking for!!

Although now I have to get myself a moisturizer with a 30spf , my current one is Proactive's which has 15spf.....I'm worried about this because Im afraid the new one may break me out. What's the strength of yours?

FYI, it seems salicylic could also be used as a "on the spot pimple treatment". Found it from the site you mentioned:


Search for "Will the Salicylic/20% Gel Peel Treat Acne Within a Day?"

Just letting you know, incase you don't.

Something is confusing though. Puredeming's salicylic is only 5%, yet, they say "Repeat every 7 days, maximum, for 1st month of use, leave for 1-2minutes. Thereafter you may increase use to every 5 days and for up to 3 minutes, maximum."

Yet, skinlaboratory's acid is 20% (relatively higher than puredeming) and they say " The Salicylic Peel is designed to be used every 2-3 days , for 10-20minutes"

Also, while skinlaboratory says their product is mild, puredeming says that visible peeling could last 3 days.

Nevertheless, I think I will go with skinlaboratory's Roll-on as its easier to use for small spots.

oh, and sorry but it seems I won't be buying the bird poop now :( but dont worry, I'm still planning on trying it but not now.

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Guest missyjean130

I use the salicylic acid less often than directions advise so my skin can slowly adjust to the peel process. I however,don't peel days after the peel.

When I actually go outside, I use spf15 in mineral makeup form. The highest duration I spend out in the sun is around 20 minutes though. I never play outside lol...so I haven't been using higher. It's also zinc and titanium dioxide,which in my opinion, provides superior protection in comparison the chemical sunscreens.

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Alrighty, will order either before I sleep or 2morrow morning :)

Thx again. By the way, I recently found your topic on ur peelings. Keep us udpated!

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