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popping a pimple

to what level of pimples are OKAY to pop ??

i constantly get new ones and they are always "pustule"

thank god that i dont get any cysts but.. please help me out here

i wish i dont pop my zits but

i have my social life you know, i have to go to work, go to church, go on a date with gf

and it just looks so gross to even me if i dont pop, the white or yellow surface of zit looks so


i pop my zits when they have big surface of yellor or white cover... is it okay???

if popping a zit doesnot cause other acne then wouldnt it be okay to do so??

i really be carefull when i pop so i wouldnt cause any scar...

and when do you pop??

i do it before i do regimen, is that the right time??

please help me.. im on it for 11days and its horrible.

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i don't know to what level pimples are ok to pick at. i think it depends on how your skin reacts and if it scars or causes more acne. are you noticing more breakouts when you pop?

i understand not wanting to worry about it during the day, sometimes it'll increase in size. if you're going to pop, i would suggest sterilizing the needle and putting pressure (with tissue, cotton ball, etc) on the area .. until you don't see fluids coming out of the area anymore.

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