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TO: PPl who had success with Differin

HI Community,

This post is for the people who had success with using Differin to achieve clear skin.

I have been prescribed Differin gel .1 to use every night along with Clyndamicyn solution to use every morning. I have been faithfully following this routine for the past 8 weeks. I am aware of the "initial breakout" phase most people experience with Differin and that it generally takes 3-6 months to see full results.

Well, I am having a difficult time assessing the effectiveness of this medicine because of the inconsistent effects it has on my acne skin. In the first week of following my prescribed routine, I got about 5 new pimples on one side of my face (right cheek), then on the second week, these pimples started to fade away but I started to develop another set of pimples on my left cheek. In the third week, the pimples on both of my cheeks started to get smaller and fade away, and by the end of the fourth week, my face was pretty clear with the exception of red spots all over my face due to marks these former pimples left behind. During the fifth through the sixth week, i felt like this routine was working well for me; although my face was not totally clear, i could definitely see that it was well on its way towards achieving that soon. However, during the seventh week up to today, which marks the eight week, i have been breaking out all over again making me look as if I am back to where i was when i first started using Differin! I am so confused and frustrated, to say the least! I have pimples all over my chin area now and a couple of pimples on both of my cheeks and forehead at this time...! I am confused and I don't know if this is just a normal process of Differin's effects on your skin and if I am still too early in the phase to see its full effects or what?!

So, my questions for the people who had success with using Differin are:

1. Is this a typical process that you had experienced in your early phase (first two months) of using Differin where you had sporadic breakouts?

2. What was your experience like? Specifically, when did you really notice that your skin was becoming clear withoutanymore huge breakouts (I can understand a small pimple here and there from time to time.. i am talking about breakouts such as 4-8 new pimples forming all at once)?

3. Should I revisit my Dermatologist and ask her to prescribe a stronger concentration - .3 gel? Would this even matter?

Thank you all in advance who took the time to read this post and to those who were kind enough to answer one or all of the asked questions!! I really appreciate all of this community's support!

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im on the same thing as you, clindamycin and differin. i had results in about two months and never had a bad initial breakout but it is normal for it to take three months to see any results. i would suggest looking at the personal regimen logs where you can track other peoples progress with differin. But i recommennd you stick to it. what you say sounds completely normal based on what ive read on this website. i have been on differin for about a year and i have 99% clear skin. i love the stuff.

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