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PLease Give Me Some Advice

I've done the regimen for about 9 weeks and all I see is break-outs and break-outs and break-outs. It's my 3rd purging period, and things are way bad. The skin condition now sucks like shit, dry, flaky, with acne. It seems like the underlying whiteheads are getting fewer, but it's just unbearable to see more breakouts, my face has gone from moderate severe to severe (Own Perception, photo logs do show it too)..... HELP!!

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Are you taking any oral medications to help with your acne? I am on the regime and I am also taking Bactrim DS, which is a very strong antibiotic for acne. That stuff made my face waaay worse before it got better. I'd say my face looked pretty bad for about 2 months.

I didn't start seeing results with the regime until I was on it for about 2 months or so, but the regime didn't aggravate my skin to the degree its aggravating you. I'm starting to think you're possibly allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, which of course is the heart and soul of the regime. The links provided to you by the moderator should contain instructions for you to follow in order to determine if you are indeed allergic to BP.

Believe me, I know you are going through a hard time. I too had severe acne for the longest time and I am still not fully clear (and of course I have lots of embarrassing scars to show off as well). That is why this website is such a good resource because it is a way for people like us to vent and to find others that are going through similar problems. Here's what I would like for you to do: Please post EXACTLY what you do for your acne each and everyday. Also, post what you eat, if you wear make-up, what vitamins you take, if you drink or smoke, how much sleep you get in a given night, essentially post everything there is to know about you. There are so many things that contribute to acne it's not even funny, and we gotta figure out what's interfering with the regime doing its job, because it does indeed do a great job. I look forward to hearing back from you Alvin!

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