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Ok so I have used my Acne.org BP twice now. Last night I used about half a pump's worth and this morning I was bold and upped it to a full pump, without having any nasty side effects (my skin has learnt it needs to be tough as leather haha). I follow Dan's steps exactlly and it goes on nicely. Doesnt take much to settle in and I leave it for 15 minutes till I moisturise.

But this morning I found that when I was moisturising I was left with a load of white stuff on my fingers, like the BP was rubbing off in my hands. I thought that one of the benefits of this stuff was that it didnt do that! It was almost like it was just sitting and drying on the surface of my skin rather than being properly absorbed. Not all of it came off, just on my forehead and chin.

Anyone got any tips for me? Maybe im not rubbing it in properly or for long enough. Maybe I need to leave it longer till I moisturise.

Thanks as always :)

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First off, don't rush things. You may think that because your skin didn't get dry after using a full pump today that you're in the clear, but it can take a while for the dryness and irritation to present itself. A lot of people have tried to increase their dose too fast, posting pretty much the same thing as you, only to post again a few days to a week later that their skin in insanely dry, red, and irritated.

If you want The Regimen to work, follow the directions carefully, including slowly increasing the dose.

Anyway, how did you apply the BP? Did you keep moving it around until it absorbed, or did you apply it and just let it sit on your skin until it "dried"?

This video shows you how to apply the BP:


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Thanks for your help. I did indeed use too much that day but it was purely by mistake. Ive been using it a week now and im on about 3/4 of a pump which is working fine. I will leave it another week before I move up to a full pump. I dont need to rush. My skin is slightly dry right now but nothing major that good moisturising cant deal with.

I have followed Dan's videos religiously! It pays off to have an iPod Touch because then I can view the videos without needing my computer. Much more convenient. I did a bit of experimenting and found that it was coming off as I was rubbing the moisturisor in too much. I need to stop once its dried and settled in, and no more!

Thanks again :)

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