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Non Comedogenic Moisturizer does it matter?

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I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

A few months back i was looking for a moisturizer that wouldnt break me out, i was using Aveeno which is supposedly non-comedogenic it wasnt doing me any favours(ihave tried all sorts of moisturisers which are specific for acne etc but still i break out). So i stumble across Jojoba Oil and i was AMAZED, i could use it all over my face without fear of breakout and it REALLY helped my skin...fast forward about 3 months and i cant use it anymore it just breaks me out ive changed nothing in my routine. I have bought new Jojoba oil from the same place and different places BUT still the same results, i have tried mixing it with water, using only small amounts etc but to no effect. I am really gutted about this, for the first time in years acne was under my control. If anyone knows why this occured i would be very grateful.

Anyway with this in mind does it really matter about the moisturizer being non comedogenic if it still breaks me out? if i break out does it mean that its not really non comedogenic?if its non comedogenic i should be able to use it without caution?

I have ordered some Sweet Almond oil in the hope that it will help but i am not really hopeful, does anyone have any advice for me? This is a really cruel period in my life at the minute i would be very grateful for any advice.

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Well, apparently the companies can put non-comedogenic even though it isn't so. In this case, you just have to test it on a part of your face for a couple days, then expand to the rest.

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This might not be related but maybe you just have summer acne. I do the same thing everyday and only in the summer is it when i get bad acne. It makes me wonder about stuff, like maybe my moisturizer is bad or maybe i should stop eating peanut butter. But I have just faced it that it is because it is summer and it happens. I guess what im trying to say is if the Jajoba oil worked for 3 months and you wouldn't break out until now then it might just be summer acne.

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The following two links are to websites that list comedogenic ingredients. You can research the ingredients in your product(s) and determine if any might be problematic.



Keep in mind, though, that everyone's skin is different, and some people might be more sensitive to certain ingredients than other people. Those links should give you a pretty good idea, though.

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While those comedogenic charts can be useful they can also be misleading. It is rare to find a moisturizer that does not contain an ingredient that is listed on one of those charts as potentially more comedogenic. For example, cetaphil which is one of the more popular ones contains cetearyl alcohol, and ceteareth-20. Some people believe they do break out from cetaphil, while many many others can't live without it. I believe those charts are looking at those ingredients at 100% while in many products they are a small fraction and are not one of the top 3 ingredients. Really, the best way to choose a product is through trial and error and from other people's experience, otherwise you might miss out on a great product. Almost any facial product out there is going to say they are noncomedogenic if they are going to survive in the market, but in truth any foreign substance you put on your face has the chance to irritate and clog pores.

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Thank you all for the feedback!!

I think the change in seasons might be a good shout, the weather did change to be a lot warmer at about the same time as my reaction ococcurred. Its messed up that when i go to a hot country my acne goes away, when its hot here in the uk the opposite happens.

Thank you very much for those charts, they are definitely helpful. i also agree with JTS that personal experience is a good guide aswell, i just wish i had all the money back from the products ive bought in the hope it would'nt break me out. Its annoying that we dont all have the same skin type because it would save us all a hell of alot of money and emotion.

Thanks and Good luck guys and gals!!

Update: Its only been a few days but soaking my face with water before applying the jojoba oil seems to be having the desired effect, i will update this post in a few days time incase anyone else might be experiencing the same issues. I typically just apply jojoba on its own.

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The only moisturizers that I found were 100% non-comedogenic were the ones produced by Vichy, Avene and La Roche Posay. You can only get them in pharmacies (in Europe). I used Vichy Aqualia Thermal when I was on Accutane and now post-tane and it always gave me perfect moisture and NEVER broke me out. I've tried Avene Hydrance Optimale and La Roche Posay Hydraphase and they also were nice moisturizers and never broke me out but they were to 'light' for me during my tane course.

Sadly, before I was using Olay complete as well as Lancome Hydrix for men....and they broke me out after a few days of use, despite they were ment to be oil free and non -comedogenic.... Then again, everone is different but I know lots of people using Vichy/Avene/La Roche Posay with great results.

All the best!

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Thanks for that Keffco, Avene was one of the moisturisers i was going to purchase(£10) if things didnt improve, they have AHA and BHA in as well.

Anyway thank god i havent had to, soaking my face with water after applying any spot treatment and then applying JoJoba has been exactly what i needed. I think that maybe during the winter months applying directly is fine because my skin soakes it straight in, but in a "hot" climate the oil doesn't soak in to my skin so i need to dilute it.....maybe?!

I cant recommend Jojoba oil highly enough to anyone who hasnt tried it, My spots both future and current disapear, i no longer get the giant spot on my face anymore, when i do get a spot they are small and managable. Please do give it a try!! Good luck with getting clear everyone!!

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