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My new natural regimen!what do you think?

I struggled with acne since i was eleven and was the makeup girl in my class, nothing helped since then, i have moderate acne, usually breaking out on my forehead. I tried BP (it cleared up my skin a little but destroyed it completely), SA, PROACTIVE, tetraciclyne, zineryt and many others so i came up with the idea of using only natural products...take a look at my daily regimen :


wash my face with sea salt scrub (from Sabon) and leave it on for 5 min

put on honey and leave it on for 10 -15 min

melt two ice-cubes over my face

put on ACV as a toner and wait till it dries

apply moisturizer ( i use bio- oil)

massage my face with scarlett massager for 2 min( it looks and vibrates like clarisonic)

apply tea tree oil on pimples


wash my face with a cleanser

steam my face for about 10 minutes( i add 2 drops of tea tree oil in the hot water)

apply sea salt scrub and leave it on for 10 min

wash my face with warm water

apply honey mask (2 tablespoons of honey, a little lemon, a little milk and sometimes 2 pills of crushed aspirin) and leave it on for 30 - 40 min

wash the mask and apply 3 ice cubes

apply ACV

and massage olive oil into the skin and leave it on overnight

Whta do you think? is it too much?

PS: i also take b5 vitamins and omega 3 :shifty:

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It sounds like way too much. The more you irritate the skin the more you irritate your acne and that is not good. I would cut down on everything, really. Wash your face and moisturize in the morning and at night you could do the same. Your skin isn't going to know what hit it with all these different steps.

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i agree with ^^^^^, it sounds like there is way to much going on, try also not to let your acne dictate your life, the more you obsess over it the more stressed and upset you will get wen u get a breakout. Also i used to steam my face and i found that if you only do it for a short amount of time like ten minuted it gives you breakouts as it clogged my pores with swea etc . . . but this could just be me. I would just stick to something simple, i just wash in the morning, if i do have a big spot or cyst ice it mid day and then wash again in the evening usuing simple soap both times as its good for sensitive skin. The most important thing to do aswell is to not touch or pick your face, when i dont do this my acne clears up so much but then again everyones skin is different, just thought i wud let u no :) x

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