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Acne either you have it or you don't

Seriously no use trying too much. Ive had acne for so long it appears everyday. There are people who doesn't have a zit on their face. Why does mine keep on appearing? I wash my face everyday with a mild cleanser, drink lots of water but the acne still appears.

Ive tried lasers and medications, facials. It helps ( temporary ) but the acne will come back.

either you have it or you don't. Either you are borned tall or short. its fate.

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Acne is caused by a bacteria in your body. If you have that bacteria in your body then no amount of face washing, water drinking etc is going to do anything about it other than ease the breakouts or severity. Thats why many people seek help from doctors and dermatologists for medication, to fight that bacteria. People have different levels of success from the different alternatives that can be prescribed. Some people see effects within a week or two, some people months and some years. Some people only have to fight it once, some many times.

But what is important is that you keep trying. Dont give up. Have a good read of the recommendations, comments and tips on Acne.org and the forums. Maybe what you are doing right now is not good for you- everyone is different. Maybe reading someone else's comments will give you some ideas on changes you can make.

Acne is a long battle for most of us. Ive been battling for about 7 years now, and compared to many ive had it lightly. But since I discovered this place not only am I coping better mentally, ive picked up so many ideas that are simple and effective. I still have acne, but its much more manageable.

Stick in there!

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