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What products post Tane do you use?

Well Ive been off Accutane for about 6 months now, My body (thank god) has remained nearly 100% clear, but my face never seemed to get clear. Even during/after Accutane Ive been on a very strict diet, as that was the only way for me to stay clear. Even post accutane, eating stuff like cookies, cake, soda, anything really would cause me a bad breakout. So I eat like a rabbit. Now this diet and simply washing my face with cetaphil anti bacterial soap 2x daily has kept me reasonably clear (to the point where I didn't even worry about acne anymore, an amazing feeling) but now, even with my great diet, I am breaking out consistently with a variet of acne, including the dreadful, scar-inducing cysts.. It sucks. I should probably do another round of tane, but I was wondering if any of you guys (post accutane) are having success with otc products. Ive never had very good success with them in the past, (Proactive didn't work for me at all) but maybe with my good diet, and being through a course of Tane, I will have different results, who knows.

I'd very much appreciate it, if anybody can tell me what they are currently using post Tane, whether it be otc or prescription, as well as how long you've been off Tane, and your current results. Thx a lot.

A dark chocolate candy bar for anyone who replys haha :)

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