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something is very wrong about my face...

ive been on regimen for 10days

and i DO NOT expect any dramatic clearing untill about more than a month


my right side face is OKAY now, i still have red marks and still get few acnes

so as the forehead


my left side cheek is horrible...

when i got massive break outs, like 3~5 new one over night, it was my left cheek,

once again..

(i dont even put my cheek on pillow or touch when i sleep and all)

i got another massive break outs on my left cheek

and the thing is.. they like to stick together or something, like 5 acnes are at like one spot, which

created like huge bump that looks like huge cyst

but they are just tiny little white heads together at like spot.

it is Fudging horrible, hurts too

my acnes are moderate, sometimes severe one, the bump that i talked about is just bunch of

little tiny moderate acnes at one spot together(i cant even barely pick on it, cuz they hurt so badly)

this is what i do, and i dont think i missed a single step from regimen

i wet my face, wash it gently, also pad it with towel very gently

then i wait until it dries up, it takes about 5min

and wash my hands again, apply BP to my face (1 full amount since its passed 1 week, my face isnt still fully used to BP so it still gets red and all, thats why im gonna slowly increase the amount as the time goes by)

i DO NOT rub, but i just move my finger around without any strength on my face until it kinda gets absorbed

then i wait about 10 min, or more to dry it up and then

i wash my hand and let it dry again..

i apply moisturizer.

i use cetaphil antibacterial bar soap

acne.org BP

cetaphil moisturizer

can anybody please help me?? cuz my left cheek is getting worse every each day, because of this

i lose my faith in this regimen

please give me some advice

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Sorry to hear the news.

It sucks, but you're going to have some outbreaks from time to time. I do find it interesting that when breakouts do happen, they happen with many comedones all in the same area. This could imply that the skin in that area did not get as much BP as needed (when dealing with microscopic bacteria, how could you possibly know?)

The regimen is not 100% effective (like most things in life) but the main thing is to keep applying BP consistently and evenly, taking the time to make sure that is properly done (like Dan does in his videos). Keep it up and you'll minimize the probability of an outbreak again. Over time on the regimen you should be able to save yourself from most of the acne problems that you had.

Good luck!!

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It's totally normal to still be experiencing breakouts this early into The Regimen. Acne takes weeks, sometimes months, to form, so you have to be patient. We generally recommend giving The Regimen at least three months before you decide whether or not it's working for you, because it can take a while for your skin to stay consistently clear.

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You have to give the regimen more time, you have only been on it for a week and it takes a few months if you have moderate acne. Your regimen sounds like your doing it all right, the reason more acne is forming is because it takes a few weeks to a month to form so the regimen has no control over those outbreaks.

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