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Extreme flakiness

Hello there-

This is my first post. I am female, 27, and have had acne since I was about 13, and I have tried everything to get rid of it! I've tried: the murad system, benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, clindomyacin, antibiotics, etc, etc. You name it, I've probably tried it. In addition to being terribly disappointed that none of these have managed to clear up my acne (which I believe would be defined as the "cystic" type), they have also left my skin with terrible flakiness. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my skin literally flakes and peels off every day, all day long, in up to about half a dime-sized sections, leaving my face extremely reddened and raw.

I'm currently on my second week of the Murad acne complex system and I was hoping this would be the magic cure the commercials say it is, but I still have acne, and while the dryness and flakiness is a bit better, it's still clearly present.

I would LOVE any advice possible. I should also say that during the times I've taken antibiotics, my skin has gotten better, but they've always left my stomach so upset, I can't take them, so I'm looking for more natural/non-oral antibiotic based ways to finally get rid of my acne.

Thank you for any comments!

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Firstly, anti-biotics only provide very short-term relief.

Secondly, no topical product in the world provides a cure.

Thirdly, the only way to improve acne is to take Accutane.

But if you cannot or will not take Accutane, then 2.5% BP is the ONLY other substance which provides comparably suitable localised results.

Ok, you say your skin is flaking, presumably since you've started using Murad. Does your skin currently feel unusually dry?

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Well, it's both oily and dry. However, I've stopped using the 2.5% BP because it has only seemed to exacerbate the flakiness (and blemishes) on my skin.

Here is my current regimen:


Murad 1.5% SA cleanser

20-30 mins under Trophy Skin blue light

Cetaphil 15spf lotion

During day:

Try not to touch/pick face at all

Fish oil capsules with breakfast and dinner


Murad 1.5% SA cleanser

20-30 mins under Trophy Skin blue light

I know it seems like I'm not doing much, but every topical I've tried just makes my skin worse, or keeps it at the same level as it is now. :(

Any advice?

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You are absolutely right - all other topical treatments WILL make the skin worse! :)

BP will definitely also make your skin flakey. Combining it with a very strong moisturiser is therefore essential. You should definitely try the Eucerin 5% urea moisturiser. In my opinion, it is the most effective moisturiser available, and is especially compatible with BP.

It is definitely bound to be significantly more effective that whatever moisturiser you are using at the moment.

But do remember. BP without strong moisturiser equals disaster! :o

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