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Cheap and Simple steps that work for me

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica and I have Acne Vulgaris and unfortunately i cannot afford a dermatologist so I have come up with my own regimen that seems to work well for me. My skin is very finicky, so much so that every other product that I used made my skin SOOOOO much worse.

It is an inexpensive and unexpected product,

"LIQUID DIAL ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP" the gold stuff. I wash my face with nothing but this stuff, in the morning and in the evening. I then use witch hazel to soothe my skin and make it soft. At night I then use Aloe Vera with lidocaine in it to soothe the pain a little and makes my skin nice and soft.

I have been using this routine for about 5 years and it works great for me, when I started something new just to see if it would work better is when I really screwed my skin up, so I always come back to what i know works.

My acne is so bad that when I stretch my skin, you can see the nodues below my skin where I will soon have another breakout and it is so painful and embarassing that I wear makeup to th gym sometimes. UUUGGGGHHHHHH.

I have not tried the regimen here before, but I would like to, its just a little pricey to buy all the products for me right now. Good luck to everyone here, i truly sympathize and understand.


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Hey seriously the most widely used thing for Acne Vulgaris is Sulphur. Trust me, switch and you will see a huge difference. I've tried a ton for mine and I finally had someone tell me to switch to Sulphur products and my skin cleared up the best it's ever been within two weeks. It isn't harsh so it won't irritate your skin making it look worse.

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