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Zinc and mild/moderate acne...making it worse before it gets better?

I guess I should start with what I've been using for the last year...two topicals: differin in the morning, and clindoxyl at night. This usually keeps most of my acne at bay, especially in the summer. A few weeks ago, I was pretty stressed and broke out like crazy, so I decided to try taking zinc supplements as well - 50mg of zinc gluconate. (Id read up on it here and thought I'd give it a try.)

So, about three weeks later, and my skin is really acting strangely. It sometimes seems a little clearer, but it's cycling between being incredibly dry, to incredibly red, to incredibly itchy. I also am getting small breakouts in spots that I haven't broken out in since I was a teen (I'm 28), like my cheeks and forehead. I'll also get small breakouts in the morning that go away within 24 hours, but leave a dark red mark that seems to stay way longer than red marks used to on my face.

I'd never read anywhere that taking zinc would make my face worse. Is this just a purging phase, or should I stop taking it altogether? Anyone have any experience with this?

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The acne you are describing sounds more like rosacea which usually appears around the age of 30. And the acne medications will make it worse by irritating it. Apply something soothing like aloe vera or a zinc or sulfur topical.

And no, I don't think zinc would be making it worse. Even if it's rosacea as the anti-inflammatory effect of zinc helps with rosacea.

I have both acne and rosacea and you can see in my sig what helped me.

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You need to check your diet, hygene regimen as well as the vitamins.

I have had good results of late, see my Blog.

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