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Scratchy Cat

My acne story guys got some thinking to do.

Over a year ago i went to derm for 1st time since my teens. I had a breakout on my left nose in 2 places and one on my forehead, and then one on my neck, all cysts. I tried zeno on them and made it worse. I went to derm as stated above, he gave me presc. for doryx. After on that for 8 mths on my 6mth checkup, i still had breakouts cysts. I have more on my back shoulders ect.

He switched me to septra an have been on it for about a month. I still get occasional cysts here and there, but seem to get like puss under the skin now they dont hurt and I do not want to stick them for fear of making them worse.

I had never really used anything for cleaning my face except equate sensitive "sea breeze". Dr also mentioned using bp and sa. I used BP for a while but have gone to SA for about 6 mths now. I wonder if I would be better off with using just sa or bp, and come off the antibotics all together?

I used to use antibotics and ACV but quit that, seemed to work or i though it did. Wonder if I could used ACV daily and use BP when I feel a bump coming or starting?

DOes SA help a bump go away once its under the skin or on the surface?

today I have seems like a breakout of small bumps on my forehead, I took a benadryl incase its an alergy, but its like redness, its does not hurt when rubbed, and no white heads have formed.

What should I do? Give me your thoughts

Did I jump the gun by going to the derm when I did? Would I be better off if I just waited that cycle out 1st??

If I quit taking antibotics would I have a breakout coming off the meds?

Thanks for any help.

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My advice would be to stay off all medications and topicals, you dont need them... they'll only confuse you and waste your time and money.

Please take a look at my regimen (link in sig) and if you need any help let me know.


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