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Accutane Experience!

My Acne History:

I started having some some pimples and black heads when I was 12 and it stayed pretty much the same with just a couple of whit head and some small bumps on my forehead in my T zone. Then when I was almost 15 and my period started my acne went insane. It was all over my face, some were cystic and others weren't. I was treated by a dermatologist with antibiotics and topical treatments. It worked slightly. My back broke out horribly and I always had a couple of pimples on my chest. I kept getting sick on antibiotics and they weren't really working so my dermatologist suggested I went on accutane. My mom refused because of the dangers. So I've been trying to tame my skin my eating healthy, exercise, lots of water, and high quality skin care. Nothing really has worked. I've tried Proactiv, Mary-Kay, Philosophy, Nichole Miller, Melaluca Acne System, and many other drugstore brands. I tried heat treatments, different exfoilants, pretty much anything. I've only used bare minerals for about a years, and though it helped a lot my skin is still bad. My acne is cystic and the scars just never fade. So even if I don't have a pimple I have lots of bruised from the pimples, even if I don't pop them.

My kind of Acne:

I have combination skin. My skin is oily in my T-zone and dry on the sides of my cheeks. However most of my pimples show up on my cheeks and around my mouth. They last for a long time and always leave a small red or purple mark. I have very small holes in my face from some larger ones. I have small blackhead all over my nose and even get pimples on my ear lobes. I've had some pimples of comedic proportions. My biggest concern however is the scarring and the embarrassing size of some of my pimples.



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