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Is minocycline safe?

I went to my dermatologist (for mild-moderate acne) and he said I should take one minocycline pill twice a day. I took it once in the morning (making sure I had lots of food in my system) and once at night. I used it for about a week and a half and I began to see results.

One day, I took it in the morning and a few hours later I went to work out. While I was about halfway through my workout (intense strength training) my friend stopped and talked to me. After standing and talking to him for about 10 minutes, I began to feel light headed, and I sort of saw starts/colors and stuff. This took a while to happen, but I felt really sick and I finally asked him if I could sit down. He said all the sudden I looked REALLY pale and that he thought I was going to pass out.

After that incident, and talking to my dermatologist (although he didn't really talk to me, he just heard my message that I passed out), he left me a message saying I should stop taking it.

I really want to give this stuff another try but I am nervous. I had a terrible break out today and I feel pretty self concious. I was thinking about taking it after I work out so I don't get all sick.

What do you guys think? Has any one tried it and had good results (or bad results like passing out)?

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i've been on it for a month and i take it twice a day too. i usually take it after my workout and if i'm super light headed or nauseated i'll skip it and only take it at night, that's happened two or three times.

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Not exactly safe. Minoxcycline can cause auto immune disorder if you are unlucky. Try Doxycycline or low dose 5mg accutane instead.

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