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The Regimen That Finally Worked For Me

Okay so I am turning 27 next week and have been dealing with acne sine I was about 14. Early on I tried a number of things that has some impact, but never got me to where I wanted to be. First I tried Acutane. i tried to use Neutrogena washes on my face in the morning and before bed. I tried to use clearisil. I even tried Proactiv. It all dried up my skin and made the appearance of acne a little less, but it never really combated the acne effectively. I have very dry, oily skin and live in Colorado so the climate doesn't really help. I have used many different "oil-free" moisturizers and sunblocks. I had no idea but some of the products I was using that I purchased from the grocery store are actually comedogenic even though they say right on the front that they are not.

Anyhow, I met this incredible, gorgeous woman who I have now been with for three years. I'm not really sure what she saw in me at the beginning. She has done modeling for some really big agencies, and although she doesn't do that any more because she doesn't really like the scene, she is very good at it. Anyhow I could tell you all about how much I love her for pages and pages but I'll spare you. She introduced me to a lady who lives in my town (Boulder, Colorado) who she said could look at my face. So I nervously went in to have my acne treated. It wasn't so bad!

My first visit to this lady was really pleasant, she asked me to fill out four or so pages about me, my habits, my history with products and my skin, etc...

The two visits I received extractions on my acne. I had several Sebaceous pores which is rare for being so young. The sebaceous ones took the longest to clear up and shrink down, but we're good now.

This lady actually showed me by pouring products on oil absorbing cloth side by side that some of the oil-free products I had been using were not oil-free. She told me what kind of cleaners and ingredients are harsh on the skin and helped me with a regimen for my own daily care. It took about a month of daily care, but my skin cleared up tremendously.

My regimen:

The first month I used the following products daily:


Skintek Micro Exfoliator

Skintek Oil-free spf 30 sun-block (The sunblock she gave me physically blocks sun, not chemically like some blocks)

Skintek Oil-Free Moisturizer


Skintek Spherical Cleanser (Amazing, the best facial cleanser I have ever tried)

a 10% BP applied via cue tip to my sebaceous pores

1 2.5% BP applied around my forehead and nose / under eyes areas where my build up was bad.

Anti-Aging retinol cream

After the first month I no longer needed to use the 10% BP solution and I switched from the Spherical Cleanser to the Grapefruit Cleanser.

The Skintek line of products are the only products which have ever worked for me. I started googling her business recently and learned that she has only ever offered her products to her clients that come in and see her, but she allows her clients to order her products from her website.

I couldn't believe this. All those years I was buying stuff I saw on TV or in catalogues that was sold at the grocery store, walgreens, or some specialty shop at the mall and there was a unique product which actually worked and blew the rest out of the water two miles from my house that no one knew about.

After experiencing the regimen I would recommend to anyone to take the knowledge that is available on the acne.org forum, and add the Skintek spherical or grapefruit cleanser to your daily routine. I think from my experience that the BP solutions can come from a number of places as long as you carefully read the ingredients, but for the cleansers I've never found anything better than Spherical or Grapefruit.

Since I have been on this regimen I haven't had a bad out break in over two years.

If anyone else has tried these products or could take a look at the ingredients in these products and give me feedback I would greatly appreciate it!

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Here comes a new week. I have two job interviews. I hope my face can stay clear enough until Thursday. Wish me luck. I see the derm on Friday. I have my mother coming for my birthday next week.

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Look I'm not trying to advertise for Skintek products, but seriously I've tried everything and they are the best for many reasons. The person who developed them spent years perfecting their formulas, taking into account hands on experience treating people with acne, and scientific studies. If Acne.org is really a place for people to learn what is best for skin care, then maybe acne.org should consider trying the Skintek products and consider letting everyone know that they are available.

Just a thought,

Joel Hart

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Hey Joel, I am glad you found a regimen that works for you.. I haven't heard anything about Skintek products before.. But nice to hear its helping you.. I also have to attend few interviews in coming week.. So I'm hoping my skin clears before that.. I read you had one interview.. Did you get the job? Just curious to know.. Wish you luck with this regimen and job.. :)

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