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Hi there,

I'm new on the message board, and have been reading baout everyone else's stories - and thought I'd add my own in the hopes that someone may have some good ideas for me! (PLEASE!).

I have had acne since I was around 13. I am now 26. I was put on the pill when I was 13... first Diane. And that didn't seem to do much - then I was switched to Marvelon, I was told this one had less hormones and would be better? It worked well for a few years - but then at around 18 the acne started to come back again. I went off the pill at around 23. My skin was the best it had ever been ! :) and my period stayed regular etc. So all was good. THen I got into a relationship and had to go back onto it for contraceptive purposes. the acne got a bit worse again... but not too bad. In the last 3 months it's suddenly flared up badly again. lots of big painful ones on my chin, now for the first time, also my cheeks and forhead! I look like a pubescent teen! and i'm 26!!!! Have no idea what's causing it - as nothing has changed. Diet, stress levels etc... all is he same as it has been for the last few years! In addition - I have started to experience very minor pains every now and then in my pelvic area. Not sure what's going on. Could this be endometriosis? (but that wouldn't cause more acne!?) - is it my pill? (still on marvelon - so nothing has changed there?). Also have noticed a little bit more facial hari growth than usual - not anything excessive, but slight. What could all of this be symptomatic of - must be somethign hormonal - but am clueless as to what!?

Should i change my pill? I am gonna go see a gynae to check too - but any advice from anyone out there wouldbe great!!!! :)

thanks sooo much!

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Sounds a bit like it could be poly cyctic ovaries (PCOS)... whcih does cause more hairs on body/face and acne....

...I would definitely ask the gynie about it and ask if they can test for it etc...

hope it gets better soon for you...

My story till the age of 26-27 was the same as yours... mine cleared up by themselves after a bit...

a word of friendly warning ( wish someone had told me this before): sort out your acne if/when you decide to get preggers.. I didnt do anything about my mild acne and now I have SEVERE acne at 6 months pregnant and nothing I can do about it...

good luck


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Hi there Ac-M - thanks so much for the reply - I really do appreciate it!!!!

What are Poly Cystic Ovaries? What causes it? What's the treatment and is it linked to any infertility?

Sorry to hammer on the questions - It's just that I am an absolute child lover (in fact I'm a child psychologist!) - and if i had a condition that could cause complications with pregnancy i'd be devastated!!!

Sorry to hear about your difficulty with your skin and that it's worse now - CONGRATS on the pregnancy though!!!! :) When you say I should sort it out - what do you mean? I was thinking about the roaccutane route - a dermatoligst years ago suggested it - but because of the possible side-effects (the emotional ones for me being the most concerning, considering the work I do - and how important being emotionally stable is!)....

Thanks again for the reply!!!

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It's polycystic ovarian syndrome, and yes it affects fertility.

Here's a site for more information. this links goes directly to an article of interest.


It's caused by hormones, like the same androgens that cause acne, or an imbalance of estrogen to progesterone known as estrogen dominence, or both at the same time. And they hormone imbalance is related to sugar metabolism, body fat, etc.

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