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Some qeustions about Differin

Hi all,

My acne recently got really bad again so I decided to switch from Inderm (which worked really well for me but I guess I got immune) to Differin.

With Inderm I didn't need a moisturizer but with Differin I feel like I do need one. Now my first qeustion is: Should I apply the moisturizer before or after I applied Differin? And should there be any time between applying the moisturizer and Differin?

Oh and does everyone suffer from an IB?

And for my last question, the package of my differin is in Dutch and it says 1 mg/g. Does this mean I'm on 0.1?


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I went to the dermatologist just yesterday and got Differin (again). She said to put the Differin on before the moisturizer. So I waited about 20 minutes after applying Differin before putting on moisturizer.

I'm kind of appalled, actually, as it seems like the initial breakout is already starting. :( I don't know if I'm going to keep on using it.

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differin kept me consistently clear for 1 year. i applied differin, waited 30 minutes, and applied moisturizer. in the beginning when my face was a little irritated, i would mix about 2/3 differin and 1/3 moisturizer and apply it, just so it was less harsh.

honestly, my IB on differin wasn't anything compared to my IB on RAM. If I had one, I barely noticed because it wasn't anything I hadnt dealt with before.

anyway, good luck. definitely stick with it through the IB, it's worked for lots of people, :)

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Thanks for the information :)

So it's been a while since my first post and I think (hope) I had the majority of my ib in week 2-3. My derm recommended to use an antibiotic in combination with differin for better results. So I went to the local pharmacist 1 week ago and got something called minocycline in pill form which I'm taking 50g 2 times a day.

My derm also recommended me the Vichy normaderm set for even better results. So I was like why the hell not? I want to be clear by the start of the new school year! So I bought the set and now I have this lotion which I am suposed to use directly after using the cleanser. I forgot to ask my pharmacist how to use this lotion in combination with differin, so I now apply it directly after washing my face, wait 30 min, and then apply differin. (I do this because I red somewhere on this forum I am suposed to apply lotions before gels/creams)

Now for my qeustion: Will applying this lotion before applying differin effect whatever it is differin does?

Thanks in advance

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