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A couple claravis questions, and one piece of advice.

Hi! I've been on 30 mg twice a day. Tomorrow is my last day in my first month.

I just wanted to know what kind of makeup people have been wearing on claravis. I've been using this over the counter bare minerals kind of stuff. It's nice and light, but it doesn't really provide the coverage I want. So, I'm sparingly using Cover Girl's liquid powder foundation. I don't feel very comfortable using this foundation. So what would be a better alternative?

One of the main side effects I've seen in the first month is the itchiness. I've noticed at the end of the day that my skin starts to itch really bad and I can't help but scratch it. My arms are also really itchy, and are covered in scratches and rub marks due to the sensitivity of my skin. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects?

Now for my piece of advice:


I almost got a tat. And then the more I started to see the side effects, the more I realized it wouldn't work out.

Apparently it makes it 10x harder to tattoo and the scarring is way worse. You must be OFF of the accutane at least 6 months before getting a tattoo. The reason I'm warning you is because I didn't really think about the meds when I decided I wanted one, and then I had to postpone my tattoo dreams for a year. It sucks, but I would sacrifice anything for clear skin; and I'm sure many of you would too.

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I would stay clear of mineral makeup. i used them all the time before accutane. (bare minerals and everyday) but now that im on my third month they started irritating my skin, making it drier and more red. I just switched to clinique almost powder. I like the coverage and it doesn't make my skin red. it also has spf which is great for ppl on accutane. and it has moisture in it. im still trying it out, im not 100% sure on if its right for me. Once my skin clears up. Hopefully soon! im planning on getting a lighter, easy, powder to cover the occasional redness and scars but something that doesn't feel heavy..

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i'm on my fourth month of claravis (50mg/day) and have been using revlon colorstay for normal/dry skin. i'm basically clear at this point, but i have horrible red marks. i apply it with a wet makeup sponge on my entire face and then go back and stipple on a couple more layers over the red areas. it has good coverage. i apply the colorstay powder using a powder brush to top it off.

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I use Laura Mercier Oil-Free. I have to add that I literally used to have the oiliest skin in the world. Like, an hour or two after applying foundation and powder I would be shiny. So the oil-free version may be too drying for some people.

They also make a moisturizing version, the coverage is great, and it will not break you out. Price tag is higher than drug store ($42) but it will last you a very long time and you are paying for a higher quality product.

Btw, I'm on the same dose as you. :) I hope your course continues to go well!

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