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Break between each month

Ok so health care where i live is shit, there always behind on things and i consitly have to wait a week each time I get a new prescription because of this reason or that, I know it's effecting me because I go through each side effect I had starting but in mini version, it goesmlike this

tiny mood swings the first day

chapped lips starting to happen

maybe a new break out but it goes away

then 2 days later chapped lips stop

So should I still be fine with it? Also I have these 3 pimple that are stubborn as hell and haven't changed since I started 4 months ago, will they leave? There like a cross between a red mark and a small pimple

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The week wait in between shouldn't effect your progress. As for the stubborn bumps, yes, those are normal and can take months to go away. From what my derm explained and from what I've experienced, if they do not come to a head then the body will absorb them. This can take a long time. As long as you don't pick or squeeze at the under skin lumps they will eventually fade. They may take what feels like forever though. It has been a year and I still have one lump under the skin. It has reduced in size dramatically and you can't see it, only feel it, but it's still there. So yea...it's normal. :)

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That really sucks. I don't think it would effect you adversely from a medical perspective, but from a personal one it is not cool. Those extra weeks add up over the course, and this means an extra month and a half or so that you are going to be on accutane.

Out of curiosity, where do you live?

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