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acne scars? or something else?

I'm a male in my early 30's and had severe acne during my late middle school years through early college. I very rarely get any new pimples now, and when I do they usually go away in a weeks time or so.

Like many I was left with many unfriendly reminders of my past bouts with acne. Over time some of these marks have either healed, disappeared, or are just a lot less noticable. While there have been many improvements after 10+ years, I still have some areas of redness, and some small bumps that range from red to brown in color. The best way I can describe the small bumps is they have a very rounded cap, and the skin texture on them seems to be a little more shiny than the rest of my face.

I've always thought of all these marks as "acne scars". But recently l've been researching ways to clear them up (I figured if they didn't go away on their own after 10 years they aren't going to), and acne scars are typically described as "pits", whereas my "bumps" are the exact opposite; they are round and go up instead of in. By the way, I did have pits in the past and I do recognize them in sample photos.

So are these little bumps still considered acne scars or are they something else? What is a good way to treat them? Natrual/organic methods are strongly preferred.

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It sounds like, either way, you should investigate microdermabrasion. The bumps are not going to disappear on their own, or from any cream.

Whether pits, or lumps, you should notice a significant improvement from a correctly administered procuedure.

Where are you located in the world?

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