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My Spiro Update

I'm on week 5 of Spiro at 100mg once per day. First few weeks were absolute hell! I broke out almost immediately (the worst my skin has ever looked - face, back, shoulders, chest). Also got a rash on my lower back the second day (which quickly subsided).

I'm still tired (hopefully I will adjust to that) and my breasts are killing me (I've gained at least half a cup size). No new breakouts for over a week and the residual from the IB is, aside from the remaining slight redness, gone! My skin hasn't looked this good in years.

It's hot and humid today and normally I would be soaked in oil. I only had to use half a blotting tissue after four hours.

Also notice my few stray black hairs (on chin and chest) have disappeared. Neck (which has NEVER been completely clear) now is!

Overall I am very pleased and am crossing my fingers I don't suffer another breakout. The only downside for me is the lack of energy and I'm hoping that will subside but I will put up with it for clear skin (and larger breasts!).

Thank you for all your posts of encouragement and warnings. They really helped me through the IB and to know what to expect helped me deal with it. It's not something I feel comfortable about discussing with anyone else and it's really good to be able to come here and see I'm not alone. :)

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Hi JanieRose,

Thanks for posting about your Spiro exp. I just discovered this treatment and it sounds like it's what I need.

Keep us updated! Hopefully it works well for you, seems to be so far! ;)

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Started my period this week on schedule for the first time in over year! They've been irregular - sometimes skipping two months in a row so it appears the Sprio has straighened that out. I'm not on BCP.

Notice my PMS (moods) was worse than normal. Overall my moods have been very unpredictable since starting spiro and I cry at the drop of a hat which is very unusual for me. For example, my television wouldn't turn on, so I started crying. I have never done that in my life! I'm hoping that will subside. Has anyone else had that problem?

Broke out a bit (very mild) three days before my period with the usual increased oil production. The breakout cleared the day I started and the oil production subsided (I assume that is what cleared the breakout).

Overall still happy with the results!

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