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Adult Acne-Hormonal flare ups

Can someone help me please. Im getting married in Nov and my skin has broken out along the jaw line and chin. I have always suffered with Mild acne all my like. It goes through good and bad spells but its def got worse as gor older. I have read loads of diff skin care regimes

Murad, Clearogen, Zenmed and alos the supplement Niacin.

I have a 6 mts baby ahich i am due to finish braestfeeding now as my acne has flared up again and my Health Visitor said its all due to my Hormones. My skin also went REALLY bad when i wa spreg, so i thinking my problem may be hormonal?

Any advice on what i should take or do to clear my skin for my big day.. ; PLEASE HELP.\ANY ADVICE BE APPRECIATED

Niacin sounds good but i dont want to do anything to damage myself in long term as we want another baby in the spring. Whats your opinion folks?? :rolleyes:

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I have the same problem: hormonal acne and inflammation.

recently I've read that your intestinal flora can contribute to inflammation of the body. I've been taking probiotic yoghurt as well as altering my diet to avoid processed crap, trans fat, and much more fibre.

If it gets bad you could try antibiotics but what that does is destroy all the bacteria in your gut, good and bad. If u try probiotics it may help you get a good balance of germs so that you get your body to control the inflammation.

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