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So i'm a 21 years old guy, half asian, thin, with bad skin family history and SUPER oily skin... but acne-free since a while :dance: ...

Four month ago I start on accutane 10 mg (again.. for the 3th time :sick: ) and at the same time I began an anticandida/low-carb/free-sugar diet mainly because my blood sugar was high...

After 2 month on accutane my skin was normal and clear but had to stop it because of my liver. I'm still on the diet and the effects of accutane has gone, so my skin is SUPER oily again but 100% clear since then (0 pimples, none, zero, not even a small one), but I'm afraid that it came back :pray:

Could it be the short dosis of accutane that cured me for a while?, or could it be the diet? I wish that it's the diet because I can live with that, but my blood sugar is normal but a little bit high and some days I get food anxiety and eat a loooot of junk food, candys, and carbs and nothing happens... I'm happy and afraid at the same time :wacko:

thanks, and sorry because my bad english

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a few people on this site including myself have cleared their skin (and can keep it that way) by watching the sugar and simple carbs. It's quite all right to have some treats, snacks, junk, etc. a few times a week, but everyday or every meal can really affect your skin in the worst way. You may have food allergies you have been avoiding too. If you are super clear, you can experiment and test foods out one-at-a-time in a controlled manor and determine your tolerance levels. It is possible that an allergy is causing the worst of your acne, so it is worth it to check.

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