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Green Cream works, but causes redness and burning

I started with level 6 and I applied it in the morning once and once at night. On the 3d day my skin started to skin and pimples started purging. The issue is that besides skin peeling I also got a burning sensation. My skin color is the same, but it burns a bit.

So, should I wait a few days before applying any more of Green Cream? Should I try applying once a day like the instructions recommend?

Is it OK to use moisturizing while using Green Cream?

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You started off using it more frequently than the instructions indicated; there's your biggest mistake. Surely the instructions told you how to use it. Follow them. Here are some instructions from one website:

For Beginners and People With Sensitive Skin

If you have never used a retinoid or your skin is sensitive to topical treatments, you should test a small area of your face and then, wait 24 hours for any kind of reaction. If no reaction, you should apply a small amount to your face once a week for 2 to 3 weeks. Next, apply Green Cream® 3 times a week for a month. Ultimately, your goal should be to work up to applying Green Cream® every other night. Be patient as your skin adapts to a retinol treatment. Even with infrequent applications, you should see some results. Also, it is best that you start with Level 3 or Level 6 Green Cream®.

How To Use

After gentle cleansing with a mild soap or cleanser, apply a small amount to the entire face, initially avoiding the eye and neck areas. Start using Green Cream® every other night for 1 to 2 weeks and gradually increase to once or twice daily as tolerated. For maximum benefit, use Green Cream in the evenings when possible as this product can easily be inactivated by light.


Although Green Cream's formulations makes retinol more tolerable to skn, you should exercise reasonable care in using a high potency retinol product. Benefits can be gained through consistent long-term use of a retinol. Therefore, do not be in a hurry. It may take several weeks for some skin types to adjust to a retinol regimen. Though most people are able to use Green Cream without side effects, the following recommendations will help you work through any difficulties you may experience as your skin acclimates:

Irritation - Occasionally, a burning or stinging sensation may be felt during the first few weeks of use. Redness or a mild rash can also develop. Discontinue use of the product for a few days and apply a bland moisturizer or mild hydrocortisone cream or lotion as needed. The latter should be discontinued when symptoms are improved. Once your skin normalizes, slowly work Green Cream back into your routine.

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This stuff is pretty magical. It makes skin heal so much faster from scabs and some of my bumps already started disappearing after so little use. I wonder if I have to keep using it to keep my face acne clear.

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And then I was wondering... BP, AHA, and BHA products did nothing to my acne. Its too deep or too clogged or my pores are too big.

Is there a possibility that Green Cream and a cleanser is all I'll need?

Its just that the Green Cream manual states that people with acne should use BP and SA to get it out.

Also, can Green Cream makes the acne go away without purging? I noticed that some pimples just got smaller and disappeared in places where the skin did not even shed...

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