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Massive random breakout

over the past 4-5 days i've been breaking out with wierd itchy spots on my neck, which is unusual for me because i rarely ever get spots on my neck. However the spots appear to be spreading up my face, it looks like acne spots, but feels different to normal, it looks more like a spotty rash actually, i've considered shaving bumps but ive never had a problem with shaving before this. Theres a load of things i think it could be, i recently switched my face wash and after using it my skin around the mouth felt wierd and had a tingle. When this continued to happen i stopped using the facewash. My confusion is, ive stopped using the facewash and im trying to let my skin recover before i start using washes again, for now im just using water, however my skin just seems to be getting worse! Now im beginning to think perhaps it isnt the facewash? I really don't know what, my skin appeared to be perfect then a couple of days later i got this rash out of no where, and it only seems to be getting worse... what should i do?

more info on the spots

they look like mild/moderate acne, they are moderatly small but theres alot of them, they dont form heads like the normal spots i get and they feel different, they feel rougher then normal and some feel scabby eventhough i havnt picked or poked at them. And unlike the normal spots i get they ITCH LIKE MAD.

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Could very likely be a folliculitis. Look through these threads:



First step to treating it would be to buy the dandruff shampoo Nizoral which has an anti-fungal active ingredient. Simply use it on your neck at first in the shower, lather up, apply on neck, wait 5 minutes maybe and rinse off. If this is a folliculitis you shouldn't worry all that much, since it is fairly easy to treat.

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thanks, i have a feeling this is what i have, it looks similar, and i can relate to the causes, it thrives on oily skin which i have, and a couple of weeks ago i used hydrocortisone which im lead to believe is a type of steroid cream. I've been stressing over this and i think its making it worse

so do i use the shampoo on my face and neck? :/

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I would start on your neck to be certain that it is what you have. It should clear right up, and you can move on to your face. However if your face is very sensitive you may need to get a different anti-fungal product since it after all is shampoo. However it wont hurt giving it a try.

I don't know how widespread they are on your face, but mostly the folliculitis only appears near the hairline, so it is possible that you could have acne in the bottom of your face and folliculitis on your forehead. Therefore don't jump to conclusion and think it may all be folliculitis if your neck clears up. I guess it's a trial and error process, and I wish you good luck :)

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