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How I Hit Acne Hard

Hello Everybody! First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Peter, I am from Slovakia (so sorry for my lame english) and am 18 yrs old. My acne started 4 yrs ago, but it was not bad at all. I just got a bit scared, so I bought some Vichy crap, which in my opinion triggered my acne problems since containing Alcohol and stuff. But I just pretty much left it be, until this summer, when I said: enough. I gotta do sth about it. So here I am, 95% clear in about one month. This is what I did:

Diet & Health & Supplements:

No Milk products - it was really hard, cause I was very used to it, but think it helped alot

Vegetable, Fruit, Vegetable, Fruit... - helps clear up internally as well as externally, vegetable mostly with EVOO

Water, Green Tea - yep, I wasn't drinking anything else last month

Vitamin B5 - I started with 6g, now I dropped it to 3g, this helps as hell, got some side effects, but it's not that big issue if you take it with your meal, 100% cleared my body acne

Fish Oil - pretty much healed all the inflammation, 2 pills a day

Excersise - yeah, it is summer time, so I am pretty active - tennis, swimming, running, cycling...

Enough sleep - this is crucial, since most of healing processes are done during sleeping

No masturbation - you can think what you want, but for me it was kinda triggering for acne, so :naughty:



Cleanse with Garnier Pure A cleanser

Baby Hair Brush method (use search button) - I used Extra Soft Toothbrush

TTO on-the-spot

Garnier Pure A Moisturiser


Lukewarm Water

TTO on-the-spot

Jojoba Oil

And that's it! Since started this regimen, I haven't had any dramatic breakouts. And, I almost forgot, in a week I am going to Croatia, so that will be pretty much the last drop. I doubt acne will recover from this :) Thank you, Acne.org for all the wise advice I have found here, hope this helps

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wow, i managed to cut off all diary/milk from my diet but im still not able to NOT-masturbate. its hard. but i do have to agree sleep is VERY important! good one:)

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