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Hi! I am 24 years old, and I have had problems with moderate acne for the past 2 years. I know this sounds stupid, but I think it is self induced. No matter what I do, I have severely clogged pores. I would say that 75% of the pores on my face contain blackheads. I also suffer from something else, although I'm not sure what to call it. I get these areas on my face that aren't inflamed, but if you squeeze them you wouldn't believe the crap that comes out. Yes, I know it's disgusting.

Anyway, I have this horrible habit of squeezing all the gook out of my pores (it all comes back the next day anyway) and that causes me to break out really bad. Yet for some reason, I can't stop! I have developed some huge cyst-like pimples before because of this habit, and now these pimples keep returning over time.

The only thing that kept my face perfectly clear in the past, was using salycilic acid and light exfoliating every day. The main difference I've noticed is I didn't pick at my face back then because I had to go out in public. I am a stay at home Mom now and I have the freedom to hide in the house if I want to, so I keep picking away. Do they have some kind of support group for face pickers? Lol I have started to use my old regimen again, and I am trying to stop squeezing my pores, I really am!

Has anyone else had this problem? And why the heck do my pores stay so clogged? Genetics? Am I going to have to use salycilic acid every day for the rest of my life? Thanks everyone!

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Stop picking right now! :)

What helped me stop picking was just stopping. That doesn't really make much sense... Well, I got into a habit of picking my face every day before taking a shower. Then I decided I was going to stop this and stopped. After I broke the habit, it was a lot easier. Also, try to force yourself to not look into the mirror, or at least not very closely in the mirror. When I look at my face too closely, I can't help but see all the imperfections and it just gives me horrible impulses to pick at my skin. Good luck!

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