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Accutane and Hairloss

I am a male in the middle of my third month and have noticed my hair is thinning and receeding slightly...but definitely noticable to me and my parents have even mentioned it

I am taking 80mg/day at 67kg

Does anyone know if it is safe to take Propecia and accutane together??...I am already using rogaine

If so would propecia help stop the thinning/hairloss????

If so I will request this at my next derm appointment

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I took Accutane once a decade ago and hair loss started for me arround month four and continued for the six months of treatment. I would wake up with lots of hairs on my pillow and when I would wash my hair and look at my hand I would see ten or so strands. Enough for me to take notice and wonder what was worse…having acne or premature balding.

Five years after my first Accutane treatment the acne slowly started coming back. So now, ten years later I am currently on my sixth and last month of treatment. Knowing I had lost hair the first time I decided to be proactive. I did a lot of research including some on these forums. I decided on taking vitamins to help keep me from losing hair. I began taking a B-Complex, Biotin, Milk-Thistle regiment. Two months into the treatment I discussed what I was taking with my dermatologist. He said it was good as far as making the hair stronger but said Finasteride was really the only thing that might help keep me from losing hair.

I was given a prescription for Finasteride and to date have not had any hair loss at all outside of a strand a week or so that I happen to notice.

Also I used a Biotin shampoo and conditioner I picked up at the Vitamin store. Also a Biotin hair thinning serum I use at night. So unfortunately I can’t tell you what did the trick. But I can say that I did "everything" to avoid any hair loss. And it worked.

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