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Success Finally . . at age 35

Hi, after suffering with acne for 20 years I am very happy to report that the acne.org regimen has truly worked for me and changed my life. I have tried absolute every possible treatment over the years from the dermatologist from antibiotics (many, many times) to retin-a, to accutane, and countless creams and lotions. Most didn't help much. Accutane helped for a little while and antibiotics sometimes seemed to help slightly, but the acne always came back.

My acne was not all over my face, it tended to be worst in the area below my mouth, not directly on the chin usually but to the sides. But also on my nose and above my lips. The worst part of my acne was that it tended to involve large cysts in addition to smaller cysts. It was the cysts that were truly difficult because they stuck around for a while.

In any case, after a fairly bad year last year, I was about ready to go on another round of accutane on my dermatogists suggestion. I had had about 3-4 mos of antibiotics last year alone and we were out of options. I really did not want to go on accutane again because I feel it really dried me out and I have not been able to wear contact lenses since and it was 13 years ago that I last took accutane.

In desperation I stumbled upon this site and I went on a modified version of the regimen. I washed with Cetaphil at night and applied the Neutrogena BP as directed, then Neutrogena moisturizer. My plan was to do that for a few weeks and then work up to a second round of BP in the morning as suggested by the acne.org regimen. Well I never even go to the second daily application of BP. One application has worked incredibly for me and I have not had a reason for a second application. My skin is 99.8% better. I have not had a significant zit since about week 3 of the treatment, and only an occasional tiny zit that is gone very quickly.

My skin tends to be dry and irritated so I didn't think it would be able to handle the liberal application of BP. But it very quickly adjusted and I would even say the appearance and dryness of my skin is much improved which is a shock.

I know some treatements work for one person but not another. In my case I have absolutely tried everything over the last 20 years. This regimen completely worked for me and changed my life. Dan - thank you so much for helping me and countless others. I am so thrilled to be able to share my personal success story and wish everyone similar luck.

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Hi James!! Many congratulations on your success with the Regimen!!!!!

I'm in my 20s and I know how much it sucks to still have acne past your teens :( Been on the regimen for 6 1/2 months and my skin is now 99.9% clear (maybe 1 small zit every 2 months!!)

Keep it up!!! It's really encouraging to hear success stories!!

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Awesome success story, James. I just bought my first package of The Regimen and am excited to see how well it works for me. Glad to hear that it worked for you. You must be extremely happy now, after battling acne for 20 years. You came out the victor in the end though.

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