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Help/Suggestions for 7 years of acne.

So I have had pretty severe acne for about 7 years now. I get pimples and cysts pretty much everywhere, mostly my chest, back and face. I get a lot of little red pumps that sometimes form heads and big red cyst like bumps that rarely form heads and stay there for weeks on end. I get them on in the middle of back and shoulders most frequently. On my face, mostly on the cheek area forehead or in the "T zone" between my eyes and nose. On my chest it is mostly red bumps that never form heads and just hurt to the touch.

I've been going to a dermatologist pretty much the whole 7 years. My dermatologist started me with Tetracycline in the beginning with Differin gel in the morning and Benzyl Peroxide at night. It seemed to help a little at first but then became uneffective. He then upped the dosage of tetracyline twice a day and increased the % of Benzyl. Didn't seem to do much. After years of trying that method, he switched me to Tazorac in the morning and Benzaclin at night. That seemed to help but then again became uneffective. Then another change of the pill to Cephadroxil twice a day which I stayed with for a couple more years. Again with unsatifcatory results I went off to college to the West coast. I tried to stick with the prescriptions he gave me but wasn't getting much results. I then saw a dermatologist out on the West coast and she switched me to Solodyn, Minocycline once a day and gave me a Sulfide topical body wash for the body in the shower. I have been on that regime for about 2 months now and if anything, things got worse. I have more red bumps on my back and chest and more bigger pimples all over my face making it unsmooth and bumpy with unpoppable pimples. I have even had some collagen injections on some of the bigger cysts and they even come back a week after the injection.

This problem has tormented me for years. I feel held back so much by this problem and it ha affected my life greatly. I am constantly thinking about what things will affect my face and acne. I have done everything to solve this issue. I wash my bedsheets at least once a week with sensitive skin detergent. Shower every morning and night applying the creams and using over the counter face/body wash. Ive been on and off multivitamins because they seem to just worsen my acne most of the time. I do not know what to do at this point.

I've heard of things like red light therapy or laser treatment. I know accutane seems to solve the issue most of the time but my family does have a trail of depression in it so I am very weary about using it.

I just want to hear any suggestions or help that anyone could possibly give me because this issue has haunted me for so long and I really don't see a solution in sight.

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Hey there -

I really hope some others chime in with their own experiences - my sister has had severe acne since in her teens - and she's now 30 yrs old - she was on Accutane, birth control etc.. and none of those helped her - have you thought of trying Dan's regimen at all? I know that some people have some great "logs" on here that have had extreme cases like yours (on their body too) and have cleared up on Dan's regimen? Have you checked out some the videos on the site at all??

Don't ever feel like there is no solution in sight - there is. I never want people to feel like they have no where to turn - and especially if you look around on this site - you will know that you are NOT alone. Never.

I hope some others can chime in on here and help you out as well - with some of their own experiences - I know the messageboards are full of personal experiences.

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