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im using vaseline on my face right now, just a little bit. i hate a big inflammed cyst and i get folliculitis type whiteheads. has anyone every tried White petroluem, its found in almost every lotion along with glycerin. i break out when i use vaseline face lotion. but this has been fine so far, i put it on a inflammed cyst on my cheek and its going down.

id been putting olive oil on my face and that actually helped, the only problem is it seemed to infect open sores.

"There is a common misconception (resulting from the similar feel they produce when applied to human skin) that petroleum jelly and glycerol (glycerine) are physically similar. While petroleum jelly is a non-polar hydrocarbon hydrophobic (water-repelling) and insoluble in water, glycerol (not a hydrocarbon but an alcohol) is the opposite: it is so strongly hydrophilic (water-attracting) that by continuous absorption of moisture from the air, it produces the feeling of wetness on the skin, similar to the greasiness produced by petroleum jelly. The feeling is similar, but petroleum jelly repels water, and glycerine attracts it."

anyone use vaseline, dont fucking respond with "Ew i would think...." or anything that "you think gasoline on ur face...etc" cause uve probably put worse things on ur face anyways, so just stfu.

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