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I use Olay Blemish Control Lathering Cleanser twice a day which contains 2% SA. I'm not sure how effective it is for me. Lately my acne has died down but I attribute that more to changes I've made in my diet than anything.

Anyway...it seems like my acne is FINALLY starting to clear up, and I want to get away from using chemicals on my face as much as possible and switch to a more gentle cleanser. Would this be a wise move though if I am currently using the Olay and not having breakouts? The first month I used it I was still having breakouts. Then I changed my diet and like I said, it wasn't until I changed my diet that the breakouts started to die down. So, I'm not sure the cleanser has anything to do with it or not.

I have seen people on here say that SA in cleansers are ineffective because the acid doesn't stay on the skin long enough to do anything. How is it though that a lot of people get clear/stay clear using these cleansers then?

Like I said, I want to switch to something more gentle, but I also don't want to screw anything up if it is in fact helping me. Help...

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I know you posted this like a week ago lol but I'm still going to reply :]

I would recommend Purpose Gentle Cleanser [i think that's what it's called]. It's like the best cleanser I've ever used though and I seriously think it's one of the main reasons I've gotten and stayed clear.

Just suggestions. I would definitely say try it out though.


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If its effective then continue with it, if you really want to try to get off of it you can experiment and try but just remember your taking the risk of breaking out and break outs then take a while to go away so if i were you i would stick with what works.

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