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aczone+epiduo =not sure


So after struggling with acne for years like most of you and sometimes seeing good results after trying a cartload of stuff only to have it explode again..I went back to the derm. She suggested accutane this time around. However, I cant start immediately due to ipledge and my skin is BAD! so in the meantime she put me on aczone (used in the morning) and epiduo (in the evenings) and I am taking doxcycline which I took before. It's been close to 3 weeks now and my skin is not getting any better. Most people who used these products saw results after 2-3 weeks and I am there...yet my breakouts keep coming. My skin has gone from bad to worse and I don't know what to do! Should I stop using it? Or is this the initial breakout phase and it should get better? But I feel that's a long time to not see a single result and I just keep getting more and more pimples and right now it looks awful. Even if I stop I don't have anything else to try.

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are you making sure to wash your face before applying aczone? because if you dont the particles can trap dead skin in your pores and make the acne worse.

i was on doxycycline for about a year, and it helped with the cystic acne on my back, but didnt do anything for the other stuff, and it made me nauseous.

never used epudo, so can't help you there.

hope you find something that works :)

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I am curious if you all have gotten results as well. I have been taking the two in combination for about 5 weeks now and my acne has gotten SO MUCH WORSE! I've had more acne than I've ever had in my life and the scarring is even worse. I'm wondering if I should discontinue the two. I'm now actually considering Accutane even though I told myself I would never do it because of all the negativity surrounding it, but nothing else seems to work.

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