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Going herbal??


I'm new to acne.org.. i'm 26 years old.. had mild acne in teens until i was 25 but suddenly last yaer my acne got worse.. had cysts on my forehead and chin and cheeks..

right now have no cysts on forehead and few cysts on cheeks.. i satrted taking tetracycline last yr for a month , didnt work so discontinued taking it.

now im taking brdock capsules twice a day, lemon juice for blemishes and chamomile tea.. havent seen much difference, but will continue for a month..

did anyone have had success with the herbal stufff.... ???

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Hey welcome to acne.org, im fairly new here aswell but love that i can talk so openly to people about the issue of acne. about a year ago now i was seriously depressed because of my green tea and sought out help for a professional, while i was there i told them one of the reasons was because of my acne and as they knew a little about it they told me to use green tea. so i did and the improvement was huge, ive never stopped drinking it as it helped me so much. you dont get immediate effects but after about a month of drinking it , it should start to show its effects, its reduced the amount of spots and cysts i get so i can focus on managin scars etc and getting all around better skin..

Hope this helps. x

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Hello, welcome. I have tried drinking lots of detoxifiers and taking supplements. They really helped my skin look healthy, but didn't really get my acne taken care of. I would recommend going to the Skintek website and completing the questionnaire. They will really be able to help you combat your acne.

Best Wishes,


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Thankyou guys for replying!

i'll definitely start the green tea.. is one cup in the evening enough? since i also want to continue the chemomile tea.

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