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Guest MarifreakinA
does anyone have any recommendations of good face makeups with good coverage?

my acne is moderate atm, mostly round my cheeks, chin & lips area. & dry from the BP & atm i'm using:

maybelline matte mousse foundation &

rimmel stay matte powder

they do cover the redness and my bad complexion alot although these tend to come off within the first hour & even with the amount of moisturiser i'm using my face just looks even more flaky with the makeup on top. :| it would also be nice to find some acne friendly makeup, & some waterproof foundation but i really have no idea where to start & i don't want to have to pay like £30 for something that'll last a week.


Using Maybelline matte mousse foundation is your first mistake, yes it's AMAZING for covering up blemishes, but it also clogs your pores tremendously, I found that out the hard way. Stick with Matte Mousse if you're only going to use it for one night, for instance like prom or something.

Rimmel is nice, but it's incredibly cheap, and when you put cheap products on your face it's not always the best coverage.

If you have a Sephora or any other beauty store in your area I recommend going there, most of their foundations are non-comedegenic. I like the Sephora brand foundation, it's a mineral powder so it doesn't clog pores, it's only about $25 here but I'm not sure what the conversion is where you live.

If you're going to use something cheaper, I recommend L'Oreal Feel Naturale foundation, it's matte but it doesn't clog your pores. There's so many good things about this foundation, it goes on evenly, it has no fragrence, it's non-comedegenic, the list goes on, I just love it.

The thing that I don't recommend with using any foundation is using the sponge that comes with it. Overtime, when you're using the applicator, your skin cells, oil secretions, and bacteria get all over the overused sponge, and when you apply your make up daily, you're basically putting dirt and bacteria all over your face...Disgusting. Using a retractable, kabuki brush works, and you can get them at any convenient stores for a pretty cheap price. Also, there are sponges you can buy in baggies that I don't think are very expensive.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions just ask =]

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