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Picked pimple/cyst a month ago, mark persists

OK, you've heard the story, so I will keep it short. Late one night, went crazy on a cyst/pimple (it was large-pea-sized, painful, and raised) and picked at it for a long time with a needle and BP (10%) until it seemed to subside. I have not touched it since besides with BP (and I tried Neosporin a few times)

It is one month later. The painful pressure is gone, and the color has subsided from reddish pink to a darker grey-pink (which still stands out flagrantly on my pale skin). The bump is the same size and still raised, though not quite as much as before.

I doubt my insurance covers dermatology. It doesn't even cover dental, so unless I move to a country with universal health care, chances are I can't afford a dermatological appointment (how much do they cost, anyway?)

What other techniques should I attempt to make this ghastly affliction go away? Cover-up will only take me so far! I do not think the pimple infection has entirely subsided, but I am afraid to pick it again.

Thanks in advance!!

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I have had pretty good success with a product called Scar Zone. I got it at Ulta cosmetics but also found it at a rite-aid/walgreens. It is a salicylic acid spot treatment with green tea that helps heal scars. I put it on 2-3 times a day on some of my spots and I can definitely see a good improvement.

If you have the extra money you can do a microdermabrasion treatment or a peel that a facialist suggests.

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