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To touch accutane or stay clear

I went to the derm for the first time $160 later i was told to get a blood test as the best suitable drug to get rid of my acne related problems would be roaccutane. He has perscribed me erythromycin 400mg twice a day for 2 weeks to reduce the risk of flarring if i go on accutane.

The only thing that scares the shit out of me are the adverse side affects of roaccutane i really don't like the fact that it's stopped being manufactured in the usa. But i feel like there isn't anything else for me to go on... I've tried doryx and that didn't do squat. I'm just trying to understand if the risk is worth it and whether i should be worried about the accutane. btw im only 15 and 9 months.

Should i be worried ? Ask the derm for a different medication instead perhaps?

I just don't think my condition would fall under the severe category so why go on something so dangerous unnecessarily.

What do you guys think

this is me now..

1 day after starting the erythromycin 400mg dosage.


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As far as I know, it is still being manufactured here in the US. I think one company had a recall, but there are several companies that make the drug. I am starting my course next month so it has to exist!

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Roche (the company that makes accutane) pulled it's product from the US market. They state it is because generics are widely available and therefore it is no longer profitable. Generic versions of accutane are still very much available in the US.

If your dermatologist feels it is worth prescribing, you should consider the advice. It was suggested to me last fall - I wasn't ready to take it and have tried a number of other approaches since then. Nothing is working and I am scheduled to start taking the medication in August. I think it is one of those medications that you need to think a lot about before you decide whether it's right for you. Hope this helps!

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Yeh i hope my blood test comes back good in order to be aloud to be perscribed the accutane. Hopefully all goes well.

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