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Best Oral Antibiotic for Acne?

I'm taking doxycycline, which works really well and has cleared up, I'd say, 98% of my acne. I still have a few spots on my chin. In the past I developed pill esophagitis from the doxycycline, and I'm afraid this will happen again, esp if I up the dosage (i'm taking 100 mg/day but i'd like to increase to 200mg).

How do other antibiotics compare to doxycycline? Is there anything better out there that people have taken long term?

Thanks very much!

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i got esophogeal ulcers twice (i promised myself i wouldn't get it again after the first time but it didn't pan out)

but as long as i drink a glass of water or something and don't lay down (my main prob) i have no problems

i take 200 mg daily btw (100mg twice a day)

i switched from taking mino to doxy in june. i took mino two times in my life each time for two years (200 mg). i wouldn't say i noticed a big difference between them but mino didn't result in esophagitis like doxy does although some of my skin started turning slightly blue (on my shins and knees) so my doc switched me. but u should stick with doxy if its working for u

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