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I told my new Dr that Doxycycline (100mg) didn't work for me so she prescribed Oracea???

Doxycycline used to work for me when I was like 17. It worked pretty great, actually, but now I am 26 and still have acne, but Doxycycline no longer works.

I got my gynecologist to prescribe Spironolactone for me, but she wouldn't prescribe more than 2 months because she'd never heard of it being used to treat acne. She insisted that I go to a regular dermatologist, so after taking the Spironolactone for 2 months (which worked PERFECTLY), I made an appointment with a dermatologist to get another prescription.

The new dermatologist wouldn't prescribe Spiro for me again because of breast cancer risks (My family has a history of breast cancer, and supposedly spiro may increase the risk). So I get that, it's fine. I explained that I prefer oral to topical mostly because of back and chest acne.

She prescribed two topicals and Oracea, which she said was a new medicine "similar" to Doxycycline, but an anti-inflammatory and not an anti-biotic.

It looks to me that Oracea is just a very low dose Doxycycline. If 100mg of Doxy wasn't doing jack for me, how is 40mg supposed to help?

Aside from Accutane, do I have any other oral options?

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Sorry, you don't. Oral wise -- Doxycycline, is the best on the market. But, i'm surprised, you're dermatologist doesn't make any sense. Doxycycline should never be prescribed independently. In fact, I never heard of a dermatologist prescribing it by itself. Doxyclycline is always prescribed with benzacline as a duel regiment product. Benzaclin, Doxycycline is the best acne products on the market. Which should be used as a complete package -- not solo. My doctor -- One of the best rated Dermatologist in the world -- always recommends this first to any patient with acne. After these have been exhausted, then alternative medications are looked at.

You should combine these with your own personal regiment and you should have flawless results.

P.S: Betadine Surgical Scrub is one of the best rated skin cleansers. I would use this as your cleanser for whatever regiment you are using.

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