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These are my products, how often should I use them?

I need some help creating a weekly regimen for myself :think:

These are the products I have:

Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

Dan's BP

Olay moisturizer

Biore Self Heating Mask

Olay Microderm Kit

I use the Ice Cleanser daily, as well as BP & moisturizer, but I'm wondering how often I should use the self heating mask and the Microderm kit? Maybe the mask once a week, and the Microderm once a week on another day? I love all the products and I don't want to get rid of any :P

The microderm is good with fading scars and the mask says it helps unclog pores and whatnot (and it feels nice!)

So should I just follow Dan's regimen daily and then incorporate the other 2 products once a week (on different days?)

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Are you attempting to follow The Regimen, or come up with your own regimen?

If you're going for the Acne.org regimen, you'll only need a gentle, non-medicated cleanser (yours has salicyclic acid), BP, and a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

From the Acne.org FAQs:

Q: Can I use the Regimen in conjunction with additional products or over-the-counter medications?

A: Do not do this until you are completely clear and have been that way for some time. Once you are completely clear, it is okay to add in one variable at a time. However, if you begin the Regimen and are adding in other variables from the get go, you will have no way of judging whether the Regimen works for you. See the biggest mistakes page for more.

Q: Can I use salicylic acid with the Regimen?

A: This is probably a bad idea. The majority of medical books I scoured for acne medication information specifically warn against the combination of salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide, calling it "overly irritating". Several people on the Regimen have noted this.

This warning is echoed when combining benzoyl peroxide with several other acne medications as well, resorcinol and sulfur to name two. Remember, irritation aggravates breakouts. Choose a cleanser and moisturizer that are free of acne medications for best results.

From the Biggest Mistakes page:

Adding in other products or steps: it is important that you wait until you are completely clear before adding in other products or steps to the Regimen. After you are completely clear, it is safe to add in 1 variable at a time and see how your skin will react. If you add in other products or steps before you are completely clear, there is an extra variable that is uncontrolled. If you should not clear up, you will not know if it is because of the extra variable or because of something else.

If you want The Regimen to work the way it's supposed to, you have to follow the directions they way you're supposed to.

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Thanks guys but I've been a regimen follower for over a year now so I decided to mix it up a bit. My skin is 99% clear and the mask/microderm has been working wonderfully for clogged pores and red marks, I'm just wondering how often to use them. I can't just use the Gentle cleanser, BP, moisturizer anymore - it's been a year and it's cleared me, but I have marks left over.

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Most products like those have directions on them detailing how often you should use them. What do yours say?

I just looked around online, and both products seem to say that they're safe enough to use twice a week, so you might want to work out an alternating schedule. Perhaps something like mask, wait a day, microderm, wait a day, mask, wait a day, etc., so you'd be using each product every fourth day.

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Hm, that sounds like a good idea. Originally I was using the microderm twice a week (sundays & wednesdays) but I don't want to overload too much. The every fourth day thing sounds good to me. Thank you.

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