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My journey to victory

I've been suffering with acne every since i was 15, the high school days ( i`m 23 now). let's just say there are many occasions that i simply wouldnt let myself out of the house to see people due to acne. Like many others on this website, i've had tried many over the counter products and even proactive. Nothing worked. After landing on this website and many of days of extensive research on how to better my acne, i decided to purchase the products on this website.. i was really hesitant because it is not cheap.

I have really oily skin so i`m easily prone to acne. Here is how i`m using the regimen.

In the morning i start out washing my face with the cleanser and after my face is dry i apply the BP 1.5 pumps ( i went straight to 1.5 pumps to start out with because i was desperate). I wait about 3 minutes until all the Bp is dry then apply minimum amount of moisturizer to face. Through out the day, i use the oil absorbing sheets that you can find at walgreens every 3 hours. Id figure that the more oil you have, the more dirt your attract. I always carry the oil absorbing sheets with me through out the day.

at night i do the same before i go to bed.

After a week+ of using the regimen there i notice the breakouts lessen and what are left are acne scars and uneven skin tone.

I use BIO OIL on the scars and on the areas of uneven skin tone and bumps. From what I've read, many people prefer BIO OIL for scaring over almost anything on the market and it's reasonably priced. You can get it at walgreens or walmart . bio-oil.jpg

Here's how i use it

I only use it at night because it's oily ( it seeps into your skin after a few minutes). First i wash my face with the cleanser and then dry it. Then i apply and massage the BIO OIL into the areas of scars and not on the active pimples. For the active pimples, i apply the BP.

I kept this up for about 2 months and the skin on my face is vividly clearer, I've been using it for about half a year now. I can actually go on a day a 2 without using the regimen and still be okay. the confidence i possess knowing i have clear skin is just priceless.

I hate the camera so i dont really have a clear before picture of me before the regimen. but trust me guys... this really does work.

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